Saturday, August 06, 2005 - REVIEW - "Running Wild"

*** Highly Recommended ***

This, the debut release from Adonis Pictures, directed by no less than Michael Zen, is a stunning opening salvo. Using only the best in porn models, and everyone here looks so sexy and in-shape there must have been a gym on the set. There is an energy coursing through that never abates and the entire cast seems in on the fun, not one flagging moment from any of them.

Justin Wells dreams a lot. When he's first dreaming, he's jogging, and encounters Bobby Williams having trouble with his bike. The dream then follows the plucky adorable Bobby as he finds Brad Benton in a hot tub. Bobby, with a newly chiseled body, looks absolutely perfect as he comes into the tub with Brad, ever the energetic pup waiting to start. They kiss heatedly all over the tub and then Bobby presents his cock to Brad's face. After a few licks, Brad does the same for Bobby and they then head inside for a more comfy location. Brad wets Bobby from pit to cock, taking particular pleasure in the latter. Dripping a load of spit onto Bobby's long dick, Brad then sucks zestily, even keeping a finger in Bobby's ass. Brad replaces it with his tongue, the wide-open hole responding prettily to his oral advances. Bobby spends luscious time on Brad's dick and ass area, almost possessed with a desire to please Brad. He's at his best cramming his face into Brad's ass. The fucking starts with Brad taking Bobby sideways on a bunch of pillows. Their roaring chemistry has the scene coasting as Brad wonderfully fucks Bobby. Bobby then rides on Brad with ferocious bounce. Bobby stands up so Brad can fuck him bent over. During this and all fucks, they almost never stop kissing. As a nice treat, Brad sits on Bobby and rides, taking Bobby to the base. Brad has a splashy shot still riding and then Bobby gets to finish...

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