Monday, October 10, 2005

ManNet's Review of Bed Heads!

Rated: *** Highly Recommended ***

Plucky tattooed Bobby Williams and his match in handsome boyish looks and toned body, Trevor Knight, have to be the most adorable couple imaginable. Both brim with personality just from the opening shot, of Bobby having a crazy dream from which Trevor wakes him. Bobby is not happy, because it was a "crazy sex dream" about their landlord and a guy whose car broke down. Bobby keeps falling back asleep to continue the dream, but Trevor insists he tell it to him.

Hairy big boy Troy Punk is the landlord, fresh from a shower in nothing but a towel, who answers the door for strapping he-man Arpad Miklos, the owner of the dead car. Troy gets hard just watching Arpad make his call, which I can completely understand. There is nothing Arpad does that isn't drippingly sexual. Troy goes for one of the most interesting flirting lines I can remember, asking Arpad how to say "fuck you" in Hungarian. He masters it and the two come together with big tongue-filled kissing. After licking each other a bit, Troy goes down to Arpad's mammoth cock and starts sucking. A devoted blower, he works it with vigor, attempting total mastery. Arpad, usually not given enough chance to shine orally, makes up for it here, gulping hard on Troy's dick. It's every bit the slavish bit of lust Troy gave to him. Arpad bends Troy over the granite counter (I hope it's real granite, because it's about the feel the full weight of two incredibly well-built men) and zestfully eats Troy's beefy ass. He then practices what he taught to Troy and fucks him. Arpad's powerful thighs plant themselves on the ground and he goes very forcefully into Troy. He's given a bottom here who can take his massive strength and he uses all of it. Moving to another counter, they go from doggy to missionary, with Arpad pushing into Troy so hard I was worried Troy might conk his head on the faucet! Troy then very carefully sits on Arpad's dick before racing off to a hedonistic bounce met by Arpad's sizzling upwards fuck. Troy unloads on Arpad's chest and then Arpad spits out a nice one on his own abs... click below to read more!



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