Monday, November 28, 2005

ManNet's Review of Thirst!

When the moon hits your eye in Los Angeles, better watch out for what waits behind it. It ain't amore, that's for sure. Not in "Thirst," a frisky never-dull tale from director Michael Zen that allows Rod Barry to chew both the scenery and a bunch of willing boys. He may have the flashiest part in the story, but all of the performers have ample time to get in on the fun and dive into this unique piece with equal flair.

Ah, hookers with hearts of gold and minds of cotton candy. You can always spot them in the movies because they are so dim they are willing to do anything for a buck. The street-smart sassy ones are always on their guard, but not the innocents. So, when Nino Bacci, making a return to porn after an absence that has personally been way too long for me to handle, stops in front of a Santa Monica Boulevard newsstand and tells Antonio Madeira to get into his hearse with another hooker, Andy Kirra, both guys agree. A mysterious man with sunglasses (at night). A hearse. A busy block of Santa Monica? Come on, people, that's as dumb as the college co-eds who go to have
sex during a power failure in a horror movie. We KNOW what's coming next for our hookers and the movie hasn't even started yet! To Read More...

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