Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thirst Review

Thirst Review (

With all the moviemaking skills evident here, the makers could have made a mainstream movie. Aren't we glad they chose to make this CHARMING, ALARMING, B-PLUS HORROR-PORN instead? Shades of the old Hammer horror movies with Christopher Lee! Very nice videography (which often looks like film instead of tape) of ordinary Los Angeles streets at night, as well as of sinister interiors, gives a surprising sense of reality to a fantastic tale of power, prick, and pathos. At a sidewalk magazine-stand, two hustling cuties are offered five hundred bucks to FUCK IN THE BACK OF A HEARSE so the chauffeur can watch and jack. Well, it's never that simple, is it? A surveillance camera in the vehicle beams the blond's clean-crotched corking of the brunet's butt to someone (or someTHING?) irredeemably evil...

By Porn O'Phile
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