Holier Than Thou

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Holier Than Thou

Cast: Justin Wells, Eddie Stone, Zackary Pierce, Jason Crew, Kyle Aames, Josh Carter, Brani Moore, Clay Anderson, Adonis Pictures Exclusive Damon Phoenix

Release Date: 08/25/06

Directors: Mike Donner

DVD UPC: 853665001093

Details:  A man of the cloth searches the night, prowling for sinners. A man on a mission. As lust surpasses his faith, he has to choose between his love for his church - and his love of man.

In Adonis Pictures' latest release, HOLIER THAN THOU, written and directed by controversial director Mike Donner, superstar Justin Wells plays Father John, a young priest hell-bent on saving as many sinners as he can - no matter how far he has to go. From "rescuing" a streetwalker (Jason Crew) to fighting a bartender (Brant Moore) for two lost souls at a bar (Kyle Aames, Josh Carter), this is one priest who will go to any lengths to spread his gospel.

Also featuring award-winning superstar Eddie Stone as the yin to Justin's yang, a fellow priest who has his own problems to deal with: namely a seminary student (Zackary Pierce) who is having problems paying attention in class. In a kinky scene that includes a dog collar and leash, Zackary learns the hard way how hard it is to pass one of Father Eddie's classes.

Rounding out the cast are a pair of lovers: newcomer Clay Anderson and Adonis Exclusive Damon Phoenix, who play Father J's roommates, have a romantic flip-flop session. Find out why Damon Phoenix has the best ass in gay porn!

So kneel down. Open your mouth to receive your sacrament. And beg for forgiveness...

Justin Wells is... HOLIER THAN THOU...

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